Efficient Oil Filled Radiators

Winter months bring expensive heating bills that can cause some serious heartburn when it comes to budgeting. One way that many homeowners have helped to curb these high utility bills is by using an electric radiator space heaters as a supplemental source of heat. These convenient, portable heating units can save the trouble of hiring an expensive heating professional to install new heating systems or upgraded insulation. Some extravagant heating “makeovers” have included energy saving tactics that can be just as costly as the heating bill.

A mostly silent machine, electric oil filled radiators have an electric plug, but work by increasing the temperature of heat-efficient oil inside the heater. That oil then circulates through radiator coil and fins and generates heat. The whole process works through convection, which allows heat to get transferred through a liquid. Unlike kerosene or other oil heaters, the oil inside of an electric oil radiator warms but never burns, so there is no need to refill it. This reduces risk of fire, eliminates the smell that can permeate the entire house when a fuel burning heater is present, and saves money that would be spent endlessly on heating oil purchases. The rising price of fuel certainly makes one or two of these units worth the investment.

Generally, the electric oil filled radiator has a lower surface temperature than most other heaters, but just in case there is a curious child or a mischievous pet lurking, the heaters come with safety covers. The average coverage area for heating runs from 40 square feet to about 150 square feet. This makes it ideal for focusing on heating smaller spaces rather than trying to heat an entire house.

Spot heating can go far in improving relations at home and the office, which can become strained over the temperature in a shared space. Most people in a work setting do not agree on what should be the “normal” temperature in the room. If you are one who seems to always become cold and need more layers, the electric oil filled radiator is a peaceful solution. They do not weigh very much and can be easily transported to an office space. Additionally, their compact designs and virtual soundless power make it easier to tuck them away under a desk or in an office cubicle. This allows you to have your space a little warmer than the general office temperature and prevent tempers from flaring over the heat levels.

You can even control how long your oil filled radiator generates heat. Programmable controls and timers allow you to turn on the heat just before you arrive home. You can also use these features to heat your room or small area and then allow the temperature to be a little cooler while you sleep. It can totally shut down or be programmed to drop to a certain temperature after a specific time. You can usually get up to 8 hours of continuous heat and a much smaller heating bill for your investment.

Other Energy Saving Ideas

There are, of course, other energy saving measures that you can take in addition to your electric radiator space heater. Weather stripping, door sweeps and plastic over the windows can help keep out leaky drafts that seem to eat up your reserved heat. You should check your fireplace for drafts, as well.

Ventilation fans in bathrooms and kitchens are culprits for sucking available heat away. Try to avoid using them. Close the heating vents in rooms that you do not use. Wash clothes in cold water whenever possible. Do not turn your thermostat down too low in an effort to save money. Once you drop the temperature, you will have to reheat the air in the entire house and all the furniture again. Lowering the temperature really defeats the purpose of saving money. You should program your thermostat and only deviate from that program when the temperature drops or rises significantly.

One other really simple cost-saving technique is to use the sun as much as possible. Many homeowners are so concerned with conserving heat that they do not take advantage of the natural heat that can come from the sun. Simply opening the curtains on the side of the house that captures the most sun (the south side) and closing the curtains when the sun is gone saves lots of money.  The curtains should be made of some heavy fabric with a weather-resistant liner to keep cold air out and warm air in.

In addition to all of these energy saving measures, the use of the electric oil filled radiator has proven an affordable way to get through the winter without losing your shirt. The ease at which it can be transported and its lack of need for refilling the oil make it easy to use when you want to heat one room or concentrate more heat in one section of a room. Making a small commit to purchase a heater now will save you hundreds in bills later.

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